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Augmented Reality (AR)?


What is Augmented Reality (AR)?

Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that overlays digital information, such as images, videos, or 3D models (of your products for example), onto the real-world environment. It can be achieved with a smartphone or tablet.

Why does AR have a significant impact in your industry sector?

AR is an important factor for innovation across key sectors. AR in e-commerce allows users to visualize products in their own space before making a purchase. This enhances the online shopping experience, reduces uncertainty, and increases confidence in buying decisions. In manufacturing, AR enhances maintenance and training procedures through interactive simulations, optimizing efficiency and precision. Moreover, in healthcare, it facilitates advanced medical training and detailed visualization processes.

Interactive and Animated

The app allows the user and costumer to easily navigate around the product and view it from every angle, giving a comprehensive understanding of the product's design and features.

Animating functionality of a product has the huge benefit of illustrating its capabilities visually. Users can understand how it works and interacting with the product directly makes the experience more memorable.

Preview of the Robot AR web-app
Preview of the Robot AR web-app



Seamless Integration into your Website

Web-AR runs in your regular web browser. It can be embedded in any existing website (your shop for example) and styled according to your needs. It is accessable everywhere in the world. No installation is needed.

Integration of AR product into online webshop

For Products of any Industry

Any product can be viewed within the Web-AR. From mechanic to organic, from human-made to natural, big to small and realistic to abstract.

The placement of the product within the real world is true to its original dimensions, for example a 70cm high dinner table will also be 70cm high when placed into the real world with Web-AR.

To showcase your product in the best possible way, all materials are detailled and realistic.

AR App High Quality Material Example GlassAR App High Quality Material Example Wood and MetalAR App High Quality Material Example StyrofoamAR App High Quality Material Example Food

Material Examples

No Installation necessary

You can use the App on all devices that have an up-to-date Internet Browser.

*AR can technically not be supported on Desktop/Laptop, since they don't have the requiered sensors for tracking.





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