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Blender Addon Development

Enhance your Blender workflow with my custom-made addons!

Node Exchange Addon

Free Node Exchange Addon

Creates a worldwide unique Node Token from your node setups. This Node Token consists of just 3 words and allows you to easily share and safe your node setups.

Light Blender Addon

Light Addon

Allows you to easily and beautifully render LED light rods. Just import the CAD files, customize the lighting and you are done. For a Berlin light systems company.

Chat Companion Blender Addon

Chat Companion

Chat Companion is your AI assistant for Blender. It integrates ChatGPT and GPT-4 into Blender and adds more features: Execute code, Code Completion, Attachments, User Interface Help and more!

Picctory Blender Addon


Addon for realistic one-click Wall Pictures with customization. Display any image, shape the frame moulding, add a passepartout and glass pane, adjust sizes and more.